Everything in this world lives in symbiosis, ven the most distant things can coexist and influence each other


This relationship is perfectly expressed by the concept of the percentage.
71% is the percentage of the earth covered by water, the exchange and symbiosis at the base of everything. The perfect balance.
Based on this idea, Iris Ceramica Group has created Seventyonepercent, a contemporary vision of bathroom furnishings that combines sensitivity to the environment with the constant study of design and the selection of materials.

Inspiration and Thirthies are the new collections

“What prompted me to work with Iris Ceramica Group? The desire to work with a more sustainable product like ceramic tiles and to add a new dimension to a material that is usually used as a cladding. “Good” design therefore becomes the factor that facilitates the translation of this potential into forms that are useful to the market and able to anticipate new stylistic codes.
I consider it an appealing challenge, and the possibility of creating an all-Emilian supply chain involving other excellent companies and local artisans represents a distinguishing value for me.”
Paolo Castelli

An exciting, contemporary and sustainable bathroom furnishing concept.